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       Few Turkish words :

Merhaba =Hello   

Günaydin = Good Morning 

Mersi =Thanks 

Lütfen = Please   

Hoscakalin = Bye..  

  Iyi aksamlar = Good evening  

 Ne kadar ?  = How much ?

Cok güzel = Very nice  

Polis = Police

 Konsolosluk = Consulate


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Do's and Don'ts in Turkey

Do see the movie Gallipoli, starring Australian Mel Gibson, for background on the terrible battle on Turkish soil.

The simplest way to get rid of pestering salesmen and coastal Romeos requires no language skills at all—just tilt your head back quickly, close your eyes and lift your eyebrows. It isn't rude—it just means "not interested" and works like a charm.

In the certain part of the country, you may have to dress  conservatively , if you're a woman traveling alone in Turkey.

Do not back away from a price you've offered when bargaining—its considered extremely rude not to buy something after stating or accepting a price. Do bargain hard. If you are trying to buy a rug, you should offer 50%-60% of the asking price. 

Do be on time for appointments.

Do remove shoes before entering mosques and observe a respectful silence. Wear clothing that covers your legs and upper arms (which means no shorts or sleeveless shirts). Women should carry scarves to cover their heads.

A detailed foreigner web page about TURKEY... have a look .

For  scuba lovers...  HERE  bring your mask & snorkelns  !


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This is a  web page for giving you some tips, information about Izmir ...hope you enjoy  ! 

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Italya'ya arabali vapur : 0232.464.88.89 (bilgi ve rezervasyon )

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 Well....where is IZMIR after all  ?


What does it look like   ?

           's an European city....don't be     !  


Turkey is not only friendly, it's as safe as Europe and North America--perhaps safer.

Even though Turkey is relatively safe, the only crime-free place is heaven, so here are things to watch:  CLICK


Former Smyrna, capital of the Aegean region and also called the Pearl of Aegean, is considered by the Turks as the most beautiful and most modern city of the country. Izmir is also the third biggest city and second biggest commercial harbor and counts about 3 million inhabitants. In 2000 Izmir celebrated its 5000 years existence. The poet Homer's, the first Christian martyr Polycarpus, the singer Dario Moreno and the former French Prime Minister, E. Balladur, are famous Smyrniots. Izmir was also one of the Seven Churches of the Revelation and counts today a quite important Christian and Orthodox community.  

CLIMATE       We have 4 seasons in Turkey. Quite hot in the summer time...But Cesme and Eski Foca are very close.

FOOD            Turks accept Turkish Kitchen as 3. great one in the world.  I haven't seen any tourist dissapointed till now.  RAKI is Turk's ; Whisky, Sake, Ouzo,Meakong.. it's 40-45pc add water in it then becomes white  ( That's why, Turks called it  * Lion's Milk * ), please drink RAKI,  eating and drinking extra water... no need to have head-ache the day after.( If it happens take an asphine* * if not allergic to Asphirine ** , before you go to sleep with some water. ) Taste ..Döner Kebab..meat slides .. nice !  Click

WHAT TO BUY ?   In the streets of the Kemeralti Market area, it is possible to find fascinating antiques, both fine and fun jewellery, a great variety of clothing, and the dried figs and sultanas for which Izmir is famous. The fish restaurants in this colorful area serve up local specialities; trança and çipura, two types of sea bream. The best modern and most elegant shops line the Kordon Promenades in Alsancak, Karsiyaka and Cumhuriyet Avenue.

Scuba diving   All the cities by the sea .. have scuba diving schools.  In 5 days, you may have an international cerficate and quite cheap. ( About 300 Euro )  Our sharks are syndicated..never attack.  

 Places to visit  around Izmir   Bergamum ( History)-Ephesus + Virgin Mary( History + Christianism-  Pamukkale (Amazing nature + Thermal - Cesme(Sifne-thermal pool +sea + fish) )   -   Eski Foca( sea+fish )

Cesme beach

Personally advise you to go to Cesme ( nice beaches and thermal pools ) and   Alacati very close to Cesme for Windsurf.( By highway..  in 40 minutes you arrive Izmir to Cesme !  )AND...don't leave Turkey without" Turkish Bath " experience. In Izmir visit Karsiyaka taking a ferry and also take a ride with Teleferik to the top of a hill...nice bay view  !

MONEY is Turkish Lira. You may feel millionaire in Turkey, because 1 USD is more than a Million Turkish liras. SEE

Exchance    All the banks exchance All known currencies but better USD or Euro. There are also EXCHANCE OFFICES ..which works faster. Hotels exchance also...but their rates are high.


You can use your major credit card to pay for most purchases: hotel rooms, rental cars, auto fuel (gasoline/petrol), airline tickets, fancy dinners, and the more substantial souvenirs. 

The most popular card is VISA, followed by MASTERCARD/EUROCARD. AMERICAN EXPRESS is accepted in many of the more expensive places, such as the luxury hotels.

At fuel stations you may see a sign which reads %0 Komisyon (0% Commission). This means that no credit card service fee will be charged if you choose to pay for your fuel by credit card.

TIPPING   No tips for Taxis. At restaurants.. you may let 5-10pc of your bill. Electricity is 220 W.       Better.. drink bottled water.


Open 7 days a week and 24 hours per day for buying stamps and telephone cards.

For change (cash and post office checks), same hours as the banks.

Telephone between 22.30 and 08:00 and on Sunday is cheaper except from hotels.
  To call your country ...add 00 to your country code + city code+ number ( ex.  0041.22.3346062 - Geneva-Switzerland,                0049.7141.536485 Asperg/Germany, 0066.1.6037712 Bangkok-Thailand 

See also HERE


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